Haha she fucking maced him.

That’s what you get for being a dickhole and provoking somebody who’s minding their own business

"omg he got what he deserved" yea man a guy was rude so you MACED HIM IN THE FACE? This isn’t a dude being racist or sexist or acting in a way that implied he was dangerous, he was being an asshole. She could have just been an asshole right back, I support her buying mad shit to take up more of his time all day, but as soon as she decided to escalate that shit NOPE NOPE NOPE fuck her

like real talk how can you actually thing this is “cool” and “edgy” and totally like, not a problem?

—Nah fuck that, man. He was harassing her so fuck him.

First of all you are in no position to say if it was sexist or racially motivated. You have no clue why he did it. He obviously was in a position where he felt he was entitled to harass her. Women deal with shit all the time to the point they have to carry pepper spray in the first place. Its a safe bet that wasn’t his first time harassing someone and that it wasn’t her first time being harassed so I do not fucking blame her. At all.

Why do you think he though it was ok to fuck with her? He didn’t drop an N-bomb or call her a whore—so fucking what? She told him to leave her alone but her rights were invalid to him. Centuries of white supremacy and rape culture tell him his actions are ok and dudes like you would rather complain about her actions then call him out on his.

As for the “edgy” bullshit: fuck that too. People like you throw that around to try to discredit the person you’re arguing with when your arguments carry little weight.

So in summation:

-Fuck that dude. He’s lucky he didn’t fuck with someone in my family

-Grats to her for not taking it. (If anyone reading this knows her buy her a muffin)

-And fuck you cockman-dickman chump and anybody who agrees with you. Or even remotely looks like you. Unfollow and go eat whatever genitalia is least appealing to you.

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